ScreenLogic will not connect from my iPhone
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New pool put in last year. ScreenLogic app from my phone worked perfectly. Just opened pool and now it will not connect at all. Error is "could not connect to the system via relay server". What does this mean? Please help! Thank you.

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go to your computer where you

go to your computer where you configured it. sometimes I would run into this and it just seems to need to be reconnected.

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I installed the ScreenLogic

I installed the ScreenLogic to my eachtouch control control center and encounters the problem when setting up for the fist time. I found no documentations online that explain the proper procedure for the setup. After a bit struggle, I was able to set it up and it has worked properly since. Below is the procedure I came out with and I post it here. I apologize if Im repeating what is already documented somewhere. I just hope it may help others in case you run into the same problem as I just experience. Here is the procedure:

1. Setup all components with proper connections by following the installation guide in “ScreenLogic Interface Wireless Connection Kit for IntelliTouch and EachTouch Systems”.
2. After power-up of control center, adapter and indoor transceiver, validate that the adapter is up and in proper state (red led on on one side and small green led on the other).
3. Download the following two apps to your small phone (I did that to my iphone and ipad):
a. Pentair ScreenLogic
b. Pentair SLConfig (the one for my ipad [ios 10.3.3] has the screen display all messed up and I had to use the iphone version instead)
4. Configure remote via local
I couldn’t find any documentation that explains the two modes, local and remote. I believe that in local mode, you get access to the interface through the ‘internal protocol’ when remote allows you to get access through internet (tcp/ip).
When installing it for the first time, there is no way you can get access in remote mode. You need to set it up in local mode first. Also, only SLConfig, as the name implies, can be used to configure the remote interface such as password. Here are what I figure out how it works:
a. Start SLConfig and select in local mode
b. After some initialization and searching, you will see the name for your device in the following form:
Pentair: XX-XX-XX (XX-XX-XX is probably the assigned IP address for your device in your local network)
Note: there is no password when you are in local mode
c. Go to: “General Settings” => “System Info & Password”
type in the password for your remote access
d. Exit all the way back
5. Monitor via remote & local
Now you should be able to login anywhere in remote mode as long as you have internet access.
a. Start ScreenLogic (not SLConfig)
b. Login in remote mode.
You will see it ask for Name & Password
c. Enter Name
Exactly the same as what is shown in local when you configured the system:
Pentair: XX-XX-XX (I tried it without “Pentair:” and it doesn’t work)
d. Enter Password
6. Now you should be able to login anywhere in remote mode as long as you have internet access.
(hint: to configure your pool, I found SLConfig is more designed for it).

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