IntelliChlor IC40 LED: Status > "Cell" is not lighting up
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I've lived in the house for just over 3 years and the Pentair, IntelliChlor IC40 came with the house. Two years in a row and all was good. Previous year and this year I remove the unit for the winter (and cleaned the little build up on the plates). This week, I got my chemistry dialed in. Today I attached the IntelliChlor, fired it up, then after the light-show sequence, all lights are green with exception of the the Status / Cell LED which is not on. According to the manual, this indicates quote: "Cell is off and not producing chlorine. It may be in an off-period of the sanitizing cycle and will return on shortly." I believe this unit is well past it's lifespan since the faceplate is the older version with three Salt Level LEDs (as opposed to the current one having only two).
My questions are:
1) Is it safe to assume that the unit is done and ready to be retired?
2) Is there a way to revive the unit?
3) If I purchase a replacement, can I use the existing Power Center (since all the other features / lights seem to be working)?
4) If the reality is that I need to replace this, where is the best deal to be found?
5) Is there a recycle / replacement program?

Thanks everyone for contributing to this site. I'm grateful for the experts that participate and offer their solutions.

Hope everyone is enjoying their Memorial day!

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Tech, Pentair
1. Cells have a lifespan from
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Tech, Pentair

1. Cells have a lifespan from 3-5 years or 8-10k hours of usage.
2. Unfortunately the cells are non repairable
3. You can use the existing power center, no need to replace.
4. You may want to consult with your local dealers in your area for pricing.
5. The cells are non recyclable.



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