Fall Cocktails: crowd pleasers for the season

With some fall parties on my calendar, I am on the hunt for the perfect cocktail. Fall has great flavors and I wanted to find some drinks that capture the essence of the season.

I landed on a couple of recipes that are delicious, fun and feel like fall. The first two recipes begin with infused vodka.

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I made two infusions for two different drinks: ginger and apple. I placed two small knobs of ginger into a ball jar of vodka (about a half bottle) and chunks of Honeycrisp apples into another (the other half of the bottle) and I let them sit. The ginger sat for about 6-7 hours before I removed the ginger. The apple sat for a couple of days and then I removed the sliced apples. 

Vodka doesn't have much a flavor – which I like – so it really takes on the tones of the infusions in a subtle way. 

With the ginger-infused vodka, I made an Apple Cider Moscow Mule that I have been drooling over since I saw it posted on Instagram. I think it's the perfect cocktail for a fun, festive atmosphere. It's not too sweet, tastes like fall and it goes down smooth. This would be a perfect pre-dinner drink.

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Apple Cider Moscow Mule
based on a recipe by Andrea Howe

  • ginger-infused vodka
  • apple cider
  • juice of half a lime
  • ginger beer

Mix equal parts infused-ginger vodka and apple cider along with the lime juice. Pour over ice then top with ginger beer. Garnish with an apple slice and some cinnamon.

With the apple-infused vodka, I made an apple martini with two parts vodka and one part Calvados (recipe from Boulder Locavore). This is a delicious cocktail that still has the strength of a martini with the sweet hint of apple. It would be good served with a light meal or Hors d'oeuvres with friends. I am hosting a sushi party in a few weeks, and this feels like the perfect drink with subtle flavors that won't overpower. 

The Calvados apple brandy is also a nice finish to a warm, hearty meal. Plan a soup night or serve coconut curry over rice and finish the meal with an ounce of Calvados instead of dessert – it is a festive, chic end to an evening with friends. 

My book club is also gathering this fall. Usually, we catch up on life, laugh a lot, drink red wine and sometimes we get around to talking about the book. I thought it would be fun to bring a drink so I am putting together a Fall Spiced Shooter. Our group is spunky, and I think this drink will be a lively addition to our fall get together.

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Fall Spiced Shooter
Recipe from mynewestaddiction.com

  • Goldschlager
  • Irish Cream
  • Dark Rum

Mix equal parts of each into a shaker with ice and strain into small glasses. Serve as a shooter or sip over ice.


Wow! These cocktails sound

Wow! These cocktails sound quite delicious, especially on Friday. Thanks for taking the time and sharing with us this great recipe. Please keep it good posting! You can visit my page if you want to speak more.

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