IC40 Chlorinator Always Runs @ 100%
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Anyone have any thoughts on the following?

I have a newly installed IC40 Chlorinator I'm having an issue with. The Intellichlor produces chlorine at 100% no matter what percentage I set the unit to.

The pool setup is as follows:

- 18,000 Gallon pool - 5 years old.
- New IC40 Chlorinator installed in February.
- The pool has an IntelliChem system.
- Ozone system.
- DE filtering system.
- Easy Touch controller.
- Pool pump runs from 3 PM to 11 PM daily.
- Pool was drained, acid washed and refilled with well water in mid-April.

I did not pay too much attention to chlorine levels (or water condition in general) until after the pool was acid washed as the water was too cold to swim in anyway. Once the pool was refilled I started getting the pool ready to swim in and soon found out the chlorine levels were sky high, melt the skin off your body high ;-).

It seems the IC40 is always running at 100% no matter what I set it to. Here is what I've done to try and set the chlorine production rate.

Via the IC40 unit:

- Hit the "Less" button on the IC40 and try to set it to 20%.
- I cannot get the unit to go below 40% "Sanitary Output" level, i.e. the Sanitary Output 20 and 40 percent lights stay lit.
- After about 10 or 15 seconds all the Sanitary Output lights come back on, i.e. it returns to 100% chlorine production.

I've repeated this process a couple of times and the result is always the same, i.e. it returns to 100% output.

Via Easy Touch

- Enable = Yes
- POOL Mode: 20%, but when I look at the IntelliChlor all the Sanitary Output lights are on, i.e. it is running at 100% output.

I've tried numerous percentage levels and get the same result, 100% output.

When I set Enable = No, the unit produces no chlorine. So I enable the IntelliChor for a day and then shut if off for 4 or 5 days to keep the chlorine level in check until I get this figured out.

Any thoughts are appreciated.


I did a "Diagnostics: Chlorinator:" on the Easy Touch controller and got "Not Present". I'm guessing this is the issue. Will continue to play with this and see if I can what this is all about. Curious though; I can disable the Chlorinator via the Easy Touch.



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Tech, Pentair
Because you have the
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Tech, Pentair

Because you have the Intellichem system managing your chlorine levels, the cell will run at 100% and inject as needed, the issue you maybe having is that your settings on the Intellichem maybe set too high, or some changes need to be made in the set up, my recommendation is to go into the auto setup wizard and redo all your settings, this will correct the issue if your orp levels are too high, but the cell will always run at 100% through this system.

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