Intellichem Flow problem
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I have a situation with my IntelliChem. I have the following equipment
1. Intelliflo VS Pump
2. Pentair Cartridge filter
3. Solar panels with a valve connected to the Intellitouch
4. Intellichem in line

I installed an Intellichem system because I wanted consistant PH in my pool ( Not here all the time, long story) WHen I initially turned the system on, I got NO FLOW DETECTED. I started reading the trouble shooting tips when my Solar valve opened. I now have flow!

Essentially it came down to differential - when the Solar valve is closed, no differential in pressure. When the solar valve is open, there is differential.

So now I'm stuck with an expensive paperweight unless I can get this figured out. Seems like I can do one of three things.

1. Put the inlet before the filter and the outlet after the filter (may be too much pressure)
2. Put the outlet after the Intellichlor (flow should be somewhat reduced there right?)
3. Someone suggeted putting the outlet on the suction line but the manual says "Avoid installing the outlet before the main pump as the vacuum may damage the chemical sensors"

Anyone run into this problem and have a suggestion?


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There's no one that has

There's no one that has experience with Intellichem and Solar?

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