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I'm including all the info I have, my intellichem has had issues reading ORP correctly since the day it was installed, it ran ok for about 6 months then it started reading ORP incredibly low. I had a chlorine ppm of 15 and the reading was -10, I spent $215 and bought a ner ORP probe. After I installed the new probe(made by Accutrol) it was reading 395, but the manual chlorine test was still at 15 ppm. Because of this condition it is constantly running the intellichlor, I've tried resetting intellichrm to factory settings, auto calibration, self diagnostic, swapping probe wires, and still can't get an accurate reading.
Does anyone know what else I can try?!?
My pool info is as follows:
Pool is indoor 6k Gal.
Temp 94 degrees (it's a therapy pool) during the day 80 degrees overnight
Salt 3400 ppm
Chlorine (FC) is approx 15-20ppm
TA is 100
PH is 7.1 controlled with muratic acid
Cyanuric acid is less than 10
Calcium hardness is 300
It has a cartridge style filter(cleaned regularly)
Filter runs 24 hours
Pool is approx 18 months old
Indy info or help with this would be greatly appreciated
Thanks in advance

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Hi Dave, sorry you are having
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Hi Dave, sorry you are having problems with IntellIChem. Here are some steps you can take to hopefully alleviate the problems you are having. Please reply and let me know if this works for you.

ORP Suppression with Salt Chlorine Generators
All salt chlorine generators, including Pentair’s IntelliChlor, produce Hydrogen that can cause ORP (Oxidation Reduction Potential) to read low while the generator is running. Since most pool chemistry controllers use ORP to determine Chlorine residual, this ORP Suppression can result in high Chlorine levels with very low ORP readings. Using a metered ORP dosing scheme has been shown to address this. The following steps can be used for Pentair’s IntelliChem:
1. Confirm that the ORP sensor is a Gold type - the serial number printed on the side of the sensor should begin with the letter G. Platinum type ORP sensors are more severely affected by the presence of Hydrogen, and have serial numbers that begin with the letter R.
2. In ORP Menu > ORP Dosage > Page 1/2 - Change Dose to “by Time” and Mixing Time to 1 hour
3. In ORP Menu > ORP Dosage > Page 2/2 - Change Dose to 2 hours and Limit to 20 hours
4. Allow the system to run for a few days to stabilize.
5. If the Chlorine residual is too low, increase the Dose time. If the residual is too high, increase the Mixing Time.
Pentair’s Acu-Trol controllers use Dose by Time for metered ORP dosing by default, but the on and off times may need to be adjusted. The default Platinum type ORP sensor will need to be replaced with a Gold type.

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Ty for the reply, I have had

Ty for the reply, I have had the generator turned off completely for a couple days now and still don't have an accurate reading, I did add some chem out to lower chlorine levels, would that effect the reading. As far as the dosage, because it's such a small pool it responds really quickly to the generator, so when the ORP does read correctly and I'm running the generator, I have it set almost identical to what you recomeded, it doses for 20 min with a mix time of 2 hours with a max of 24 hours, is there anyway to lower the hydrogen to see if the ORP reading changes?

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