Intellichlor mod IC20-IC40 Pentair Water salt electrolysis
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Intellichlor Electronic generator for chlorine pools, produces natural chlorine thanks to the action of salt electrolysis. The model IC20 is for pools up to 80 cubic meters of water; the model IC40 is for pools up to 160 cubic meters of water. Salt electrolysis produces hypochlorous acid, a powerful disinfectant and sterilant from algae, bacteria, viruses and other microorganisms that are formed in the pool. After disinfecting the water, the hypochlorous acid turns into salt again and the process resumes. The use of Intellichlor allows you to have: water clarity, pleasant salinity, naturalness in the disinfection method, greatly reducing the amount of harmful chemicals and becomes an aid in the management of the pool.The automatic cleaning of the electrolytic cells is foreseen thanks to the polarity reversal and the presence of LED visually communicates the working status of the appliance.

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