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I'm able to connect the Screenlogic app fine in the Local mode, but can't get the Remote mode to work.

When I try to use the Remote connection, it asks for my protocol adaptor number that's on the side of the adaptor. But there's no xx-xx-xx number on the side of my adaptor. I do have another 6 digit number I've used with this system in the past, and suspect this is the number it's looking for.

But it also asks for a password. Umm....password? Which password is it asking for? My WiFi password? I don't think I have a password associated with Pentair, other than the one used for this forum.

Any advice?

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Follow up on this....I've

Follow up on this....I've resolved this issue.

Entering the same 6 digit code I've used in the past is correct. Where I went wrong was thinking there was supposed to be a password entered....apparently leaving the password field blank was the fix.

Side note: Love being able to control the pool now from my Apple Watch!

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