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I was able to use it last year, but am finding it completely unresponsive this year.

I thought at first it might be that my protocol adaptor may need to be updated. But when I run the firmware updater for it, my Mac isn't seeing the adaptor at all. The firmware updater presents a window that asks me to select a ScreenLogic system from the list above. But the only thing in the list is called RAM LOADER I kind of doubt this is what I need to be seeing.

When I select the RAM LOADER (again...the only thing in the list), I get a list of bricks (Hunter, several others in the list). I chose Brick-Pool. I then see another window pop up displaying the update status:

Starting Update Procedure
System Type: EdgeBrick-POOL
Getting Brick Config...
Got Brick Config OK
MAC: 00-11-68-00-43-50
Connecting UDP Downloader...
FOUND: POOL; 5.2 Build 733.0 Rel
Sent RAM Loader Run command to target!
Looking for RAM loader.
Sent ping to
Error - RAM Loader not found
Reconnecting to System.....
ERROR: An Error Occurred During the Upgrade

I have seen other issues with installing the current Mac version of ScreenLogic, but am pretty sure I need to resolve the above issue and update the adaptor before I follow up with updating my Mac's ScreenLogic application.

Can anyone help me with this?

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Tech, Pentair
This will need to be
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Tech, Pentair

This will need to be corrected with a Pentair tech support agent, please contact us at 1-800-831-7133, you will need a computer on site that is locally connected to the same network that the adapter is on to reconfigure the adapter.

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Richard...thank you.

Richard...thank you. Telephone support was able to resolve the problem (caused by a new router, which required changing the settings in the firmware update tool).

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