Birthday Pool Parties

Get guests ready to have pool party fun before they arrive with pool-themed invitations!

Beach Balls – Write party details on a deflated beach ball. Have guests inflate and bring the invite to the party for extra pool party fun! 

Pool side partiesPool Noodles – Attach invitations to pool noodles and hand-deliver invitations to party guests to add a personal touch.

Pool Party Icons – Use invitations in the shape of bathing suits, rafts, fish, flip-flops and other pool party shapes!

Festive Treats
Underwater gummy skewers, goldfish and Lifesavers candies are already pool party themed! Display them using beach toys – buckets instead of bowls and small shovels instead of serving spoons – to finish them off!

Make flip-flop cookies in one easy step!  Start with large, peanut-shaped cookies (Nutter Butters are a great option). Using a tube of frosting, squeeze two thin lines on one end of the cookie to make the thong part of the flip-flop and they are finished! Display them on top of brown sugar to look like sand.

Pool Noodle Garland – With a knife or scissors, slice a pool noodle to create half-inch circles. Once the entire noodle is cut, use a needle and thread to sew the circles into strands garland, as long as desired. Hang them around the pool as a festive decoration!

Drink Umbrella Wreath – Start with a plain foam wreath (found at most craft stores). Stick the toothpick end of drink umbrellas into the wreath until the umbrella lays flat against the wreath. Repeat until the wreath is completely covered in umbrellas. Hang on the front door to welcome guests to the party or hang them around the pool for outdoor decorations!

Pool Toy Décor – Putting out pool toys for guests to use can help make the pool space look more festive! Keep pool toys to the color scheme of the party to make the space look put together and less cluttered. Pool noodles, beach balls and diving sticks are affordable options that come in a wide range of colors.