The Safer, Easier Way to Chlorinate Your Pool

Managing your pool’s chlorine level becomes a hassle when you have to purchase, transport, store, handle and manually add harsh chemicals. But, with advanced equipment like a salt chlorine generator, you’ll have everything you need at home. Plus, it makes chemical addition automatic and precise every time…saving you money, headaches and time.

What Is a Salt Chlorine Generator?
Products like the IntelliChlor® Salt Chlorine Generator use common table salt to produce all the chlorine a pool needs, so you don’t have to buy, store or handle it. By installing a salt chlorine generator, you get the same sanitization performance as manual chlorine addition and added benefits like:

  • Clean, Sparkling Water—water is cleaner and clearer than ever before.
  • Softer Skin—silky smooth water does not dry out your skin.
  • Easier on the Eyes—no more red, irritated eyes.
  • Nicer to the Nose—eliminates harsh chemical odors.
  • Gentler on Fabrics—no more faded swimsuits.
  • Safer for Your Family—no more spills or manual additions that spike chlorine levels.

It Sounds Better, but How Does It Work?
A salt chlorine generator is plumbed into a pool’s pump and filter system along the return side of the equipment setup. Once installed, ordinary salt is added to the pool water—typically less than a teaspoon per gallon, which is below human taste levels.

As salt water begins to flow through the generator, it is electrolytically converted to pure chlorine. The chlorine is then automatically distributed to your pool, sanitizing your water by eliminating biological and bacterial growth.

IntelliChlorThe genius of the system is that when the chlorine breaks down, it becomes salt again. So, the salt you added to the pool earlier is not consumed, it is continually recycled. You won’t need to add salt often, but some will be lost from splash-out with regular pool use. Most salt chlorine generators will clearly indicate when more salt is needed right on the unit.

The final concentration of saltwater in your pool will be very low—not enough to taste, but enough to make the water feel softer and silkier. The resulting water is much easier on the eyes, skin, hair and swimsuits, plus swimmers aren’t exposed to extra chemical loads included in store-bought chlorine, like stabilizers and binding agents.

Learn More About Salt Chlorine Generators
If you would like to discuss or learn more about salt chlorine generators, visit the resources listed below or talk to your local pool professional.

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