3 Pool Designs that Are Making a Splash in 2018

Large house with beautiful, symmetric swimming pool

Swimming pools bring an array of benefits, but choosing the best design is not always easy. If you are planning to build a new pool or remodel your current one, you may have thought about what design and style will best meet your needs. After all, you want your pool to be one of the most popular areas of your home where you can spend time with friends and family!

Check out our take on our three favorite pool designs 2018 to help you build the perfect pool for your family.

1. Natural swimming pond

As an alternative to a chlorinated or salt water pool, natural swimming ponds are chemical-free bodies of water that add a quiet, green space that allows you to connect with nature in a controlled environment. These water bodies fuse traditional pools with green areas, separating the swimming area from the vegetation by a wall that sits below water level.

With a gazeebo or bench for seating, fountain for extra ambiance and fresh landscaping with flowers and shrubbery, your family and friends won’t know if they’re at your house or a beautiful park.

2. Infinity pools

Infinity pools have been around for a while, but are one of the hottest trends this year. They combine the benefits of a pool with picturesque views that can take your breath away. Infinity pools are able to blend into the current style of your property and come in numerous design styles and options. Along with shapes, they can include different depth areas, like a wading section for younger children and a deep end for diving.

Add seating and maybe an outdoor fire pit between your home and the pool creating the perfect centerpiece and picturesque view for any social gathering – or a quiet night at home with your family.

3. Symmetrical layouts

Symmetrical pools are very traditional; but like anything, there can always be a twist on a classic. Whether you’re interested in a round, rectangular or another style, keeping your pool symmetrical adds beauty to the design of your pool.

In addition to making the pool itself symmetrical, creating a symmetrical design to your landscaping will add extra pizzazz. Having matching palm trees or symmetrical sunbeds will give your outdoor area an organized vibe and eloquent look.

Depending on your house design, location and the space you have available, you can select from a huge array of shapes and designs. You can also include features that make your pool more functional while choosing equipment that will guarantee that your pool is energy efficient and easy to use for years to come.

What kind of pool design do you have in your backyard? If you could change it, what would you want it to look like? Let us know in the comments!