4 Benefits of Pool Fencing

Girl swimming in backyard pool with security fence around it

Backyard pools are amazing additions to any home as they help promote a more active lifestyle. At the same time, they can add visual appeal to your outdoor area and even increase the real estate value of your property. One of the most important elements for a pool is appropriate fencing. Providing security and privacy, a perimeter fence can give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Adding a pool fence to your outdoor areas can bring an array of benefits. Here are our top 4:

1. Enhanced security levels

The most important and most obvious benefit of adding a pool fence is enhanced security for your entire family. Pool signage and fencing laws vary depending on the state you’re living in, so it’s important to make sure your pool fence meets your local regulations.

2. Improved aesthetic appeal

Adding a fence to your property adds another element to your outdoor design. Since fences are very prominent, so you should always choose a material and design that compliments your pool’s aesthetic appeal. With so many material options like metal, vinyl, wood or plastic, you’re sure to find a fence that compliments your outdoor area and can add privacy as well.

3. Limited access

A fence can help you keep uninvited swimmers out of your pool. This includes young children, pets and even neighbors. While the pool is a wonderful place to gather during the summer, if you’re not home or not supervising your swimmers, a fence is a great way to keep them out.

4. Added real estate value

Adding a fence can increase your property value. Just like when you built your pool, a quality fence adds value to your property.

By adding a fence to your property, you’re adding a layer of safety around your pool, increasing privacy for all of your outdoor gatherings and building a long-term investment for your property.

Pentair takes pool safety seriously. That’s why we’re a proud sponsor of the 2018 National Water Safety Month. Get more ideas on how to promote water safety here.