Color Your World

Summer is still here for a few more weeks and you’re anxious to stay outdoors and near the pool. How about a few simple backyard projects which are colorful and useful? Many things can be completed in just a day or a weekend. A little effort can make a big difference in decorating your poolscape.

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Tailored Towels

Now might be a good time to personalize a supply of pool towels for each member of the family. Ask frequent guests to join in as well. Use freshly washed and dried, light or bright solid-colored, cotton towels for best results.

Buy an assortment of acrylic craft paint and a bottle of fabric medium. Pour the paint onto plastic or foam trays and add a few generous squirts of fabric medium to each. Mix well with a plastic spoon or paintbrush. Lay towels flat on a deck, patio, or picnic table. Allow each person to “smoosh” their hands and/or feet into the paint and then transfer their handprints/footprints to the surface of their towel.

You can also use chunky stamps to add other designs or just go freestyle! Once dry, the works of towel art can be safely machine washed and dried. You might even sew a loop onto the middle of each one for easy outdoor hook-hanging. Wreath hangers over the fence make this super simple!

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Use Your Noodle

Pool noodles are colorful, lightweight, and inexpensive, and just scream FUN. Use a supply of them to make a noodle mat, chair, and/or raft.

Starting near one end and spacing every eight inches or so, punch holes through each noodle with an awl or even a screwdriver. Lay the noodles side by side in whatever pattern and size you choose. (Noodles can be left long or cut to desired length.) Imagine a river raft as you “sew” the noodles together with strong cord, making a knot on each side of the hole before moving to the next noodle. At the end of a row, start back in the other direction, continuing until all noodles are taken into your piece. You can tie off and leave a small loop handle. Make the “sewing” just loose enough that your noodle creation can be bent into a sofa or chair (against a wall or fence) or left flat as a sunning platform, picnic place, play mat, or even pool raft.

Add Some Ambiance

Collect or purchase large dish-shaped shells. Use them as holders for votive-sized citronella candles. Or, get some mason jars together. Buy plastic-coated wire in colors of your choice. Wrap the wire around the jar tops and make a handle. You can add beads or even buttons to adorn the outside. Place shepherd’s hooks in the yard or mount plant hangers to the deck. Use the jars as hanging citronella candle lanterns. (Punch holes in the metal lids and use them on the candle jars if you’re worried about candle safety.) 

Decorative Doormats

Make a colorful doormat using rectangular, colored kitchen dish scrubbers. Decide on a base – anything from a piece of canvas to a carpet sample mat. Buy enough scrubbers to completely cover the surface. Work out your pattern first. Then remove the scrubbers; completely slather the bottom with a generous coat of LePage® No More Nails® adhesive, Gorilla Glue™, or other waterproof adhesive; and glue them down one at a time. Go wild and make a usable checkerboard that can do double duty. Make a rainbow or a modern geometric pattern. And be confident that flip-flops will not be carrying grass and dirt back into the house.

Now, grab your noodle mat and a tall glass of something cold. Put your feet up and survey the changes you’ve made. Not bad for a day’s work!

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