Five Theme Ideas for Your Poolside Wedding

A poolside wedding in your very own backyard can bring a deeper level of intimacy, as well as a spirit of fun to your special day. Use these five ideas for planning your theme and wedding decorations to make your poolside wedding an event to remember.

Poolside Wedding
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1. An Elegant Evening Affair

An outdoor, poolside wedding at sunset can be just as elegant as any indoor event. The color white for flowers, tables, chairs and tablecloths always looks chic, but feel free to add some subtle teal, green or silver tones. Lighting is key; use floating candle centerpieces, as well as floating pool decor with delicate spotlights and ambient lighting to line your pool and set the perfect mood.

2. Surf's Up!

If you and your spouse-to-be love to surf and hit the beach, consider a casual surf-themed poolside wedding. Decorate with longboards, coconut candle holders, grass table skirts and tiki torches. Provide flower leis for your guests, and encourage them to wear their favorite beach attire.

Poolside Wedding
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3. Bohemian Chic

Somewhere between all-out elegance and a beach party wedding, you find the bohemian wedding theme. This style is casual yet refined, with the women wearing sundresses or gauzy maxi skirts and intricate flower headbands in their hair. Wildflowers like daisies, snapdragons and irises accent your bohemian event perfectly, and guests are free to take a swim or lounge poolside with a glass of summer punch.

4. French Garden Party

Another elegant theme with a continental flair is a poolside French garden party. Bring in large potted plants and arrangements in vases for centerpieces. Trellises and a gazebo adorned in ivy are a nice touch as well. Use French imagery such as an Eiffel Tower backdrop, and have guests sit at summery bistro tables around the pool.

5. East Coast Nautical

Not a fan of the tropics? You can still bring in ocean energy by heading east to the Atlantic coast for your inspiration. Decorate the pool area with plenty of seashells, starfish, ornate driftwood, lighthouse imagery and other nautical touches. Aqua, white and antique are potential decor choices.

Poolside Wedding
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A poolside backyard wedding can help you save money while also creating the perfect atmosphere for marrying your true love. Use these poolside wedding theme ideas as inspiration for your backyard wedding decorations.