Make Valentine’s Day a Splash!

Romantic Valentine's Day drinks by the Pool

Valentine’s Day is the perfect chance to add some extra spark and sizzle to your relationship and celebrate the one you love. And, it’s a great opportunity to take advantage of the romantic setting that is your backyard escape.

Go Technology—and Kid—Free

Whether you decide to go casual or formal, make a vow of no cell phones or other electronics, unless you are streaming music. You may want leave a phone turned on for emergency calls. And if you have children, arrange sleepovers for them with friends or extended family or hire a babysitter. This way, you can focus on one another—at least until tomorrow.

Set the Stage

Decorations and small touches are crucial to establishing the right tone for the evening. The right lighting is important, so try hanging some strings of twinkling lights around the pool and patio. For some extra enchantment, try floating candles in the pool. Set a table with real linens, and pepper the area with candles (real or LED) in a variety of heights and sizes. And it wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without fresh flowers. Spread some colorful bouquets of wild flowers, roses or your significant other’s favorite flower around the patio. For an extra boost of romance, you can float rose petals in the pool.

Celebrate the Two of You

Valentine’s Day is a time to relive romantic moments and make new memories together. Frame a gallery of favorite photos chronicling your relationship and set them around the patio. Get a few extra frames and insert either written messages or pictures from magazines as placeholders for future adventures (trip to Paris, hiking in Colorado, etc.).

Dinner for Two

As for food, focus on your favorites. Steak and lobster are popular choices, but you can also opt for tapas style and serve several, smaller portions of dishes you both love. For beverages, from traditional champagne to an assortment of craft beer—or maybe even a nonalcoholic option like Italian soda—as long as it’s something the two of you have shared and enjoyed, it’s sure to be a hit. And, you can’t forget dessert! Pick a dessert that is meaningful, or at least one you both find delicious.

Take in the Sights and Sounds

Adding special, personal touches helps make the evening memorable, and nothing does this quite like music. Compile a playlist of music that represents a soundtrack of your relationship. Include favorite songs and artists, as well as music from any concerts the two of you have been to together.

Stargazing is the perfect romantic activity, just you and your significant other taking in all those twinkling lights. Whether you decide to float on rafts in the pool, soak in the spa or spread out a blanket and use a telescope, the night sky can be absolutely breathtaking.

There are so many ways to make Valentine’s Day special. And as a pool owner, you have the perfect place for a romantic escape without ever leaving home. Here’s to celebrating the two of you!