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What is it, exactly, that we find so calming and mesmerizing about light reflecting on water? To be honest, understanding it is not the issue. Creating it is.

Technology has evolved so rapidly through the years that looks once deemed possible only for special effects professionals have entered the realm of the doable in your own backyard. We’ve progressed light-years beyond the Tiki torches of Gidget Goes Hawaiian.

That’s good news for pool and spa owners. However, with the plethora of possibilities comes confusion in deciding what is right for you. Maybe you think what you’re after is a subdued and tranquil place to relax. And just maybe what you actually need is a place to get your energy flowing and your mojo firing on all cylinders. 

Play With the Possible

So, how about playing around first? LEDs and other fully sealed units have burst onto the market, offering battery-powered products that can provide you with the tools to test out a wide range of options. Think of the entire space as a blank canvas. Do you feel the need for hot reds, sunny yellows, cool blues, lush greens, or passionate purples? Or maybe you want all of the colors of the rainbow – explore the possibilities. Let images and color become art as they’re reflected in the pool, changing and evolving as the surface of the water is rippled by the gentlest of breezes. 

Try placing lights on your deck, patio, and diving board or in and alongside area landscaping or ornamentation. Many products on the market are even solar powered and available in botanical shapes that automatically recharge in the sunlight and glow for a full 12 hours. Try floating light-up water lilies right in your pool or spa or hang strings of multi-colored lights and see how each different effect makes you feel. 

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Mood Lighting to the Max

Decide what moods you want to set – cozy and romantic, soft and sublime, calm and relaxed, or wild and energized. Do you want bright and dazzling, dreamy and romantic, magical and mesmerizing, festive and frolicsome, a sanctuary, or a playground? Maybe you want the freedom to go from one mood to another, from one day to the next. Just think of the pulsing disco energy of Saturday Night Fever melding into the sublime romance of Casablanca. Quick-change options allow for a spontaneous transition from fun and whimsical to subdued and tranquil.

Perfect Pool Lighting | poolfyi.com
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Let the Pros Add Punch

A professionally designed lightscape will take into consideration various aspects of lighting; namely, key, contrast, and color – or the proportion of light to dark, the brightness and shadows, the warm and cool tones, the range and intensity of color. After sunset, perhaps you’d like the poolscape to become a peaceful oasis, with soft-glowing lights that mimic the moon or transport you to a tropical paradise. Mood lighting can be altered at the twist of a switch, or you might choose “smart light” controls that automatically turn on at night.

It’s even possible to have an in-pool fountain installed, one that projects light and color onto the bottom and sides of the pool while shooting color-lit water into the air, creating a magnificent and dramatic light show of patterns and colors. Some offer “steady light color” settings, while others provide the option of transitioning from one color to another.

Do some experimenting and stage a few “dress rehearsals” that can help you zero in on what it is you really want before you go all in with a large-scale, customized, lighted poolscape designed by experts. Gone are the days when one couldn’t even dream of safely combining light and water, but it’s important to note that the final design and installation are jobs best left to the pros.