Pool Fun and Fitness with Friends

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Remember those summer days as a kid when you would spend hours in the pool playing games with friends? You'd work up an appetite, eat some food, head back to the pool for more fun and then sleep like a log.

You had loads of fun and burned tons of calories — and it probably never even crossed your mind that you were exercising.

Somehow, as adults, we've managed to take the fun out of exercise, and we often forget that play and exercise can happen simultaneously — especially when there's a backyard pool involved.

So this summer, think past the workout videos and the intense training schedules and get in the pool with some friends to have fun and stay fit at the same time.

The key to water exercise with friends is twofold: get moving and have fun.

The possibilities are endless when you bring your friends together to have fun, so be creative and be yourself. Here are a few tips to gather friends and exercise together:

  1. Make a weekly play and exercise date with your friends. Send around an email which includes a standing weekly date at your backyard pool that emphasizes fun and fitness. If everyone is committed to the same time and the same place every week, it's more likely to happen. It's built-in accountability.
  2. Select upbeat music. No matter what game or exercise you are playing in the pool, including fun, upbeat music gives a party vibe and makes it feel less like a workout.
  3. Choose games or activities that everyone enjoys. If your group likes to dance, then have a dance party. If you were all basketball stars in high school, then hook up a poolside rim and backboard and play a few games. If you are a competitive group, then have some races across the pool. Pick activities that work for you. Check out this article for more game ideas.
  4. Serve healthy snacks and make it feel like a party. Choose some healthy snacks like smoothies or sliced veggies to serve your friends after the workout. Work up an appetite (just like when you were a kid) and then fill it with healthy food.

Life is short and summertime is shorter — make the most of it by bringing your friends together, staying healthy and having fun at the same time. Plan a regular exercise play date in your backyard pool and make the most of the warm days and time with friends — all while focusing on health.