Pool Safety 101

Backyard pool with slide

There is nothing quite like a backyard pool on a sunny day. A pool is like a magnet for friends of all ages and can spark get-togethers on an almost daily basis.  Take time at the beginning of each pool season to make sure your pool is as safe as it can be. Like dressing for changing weather, layers are advised for creating a safe pool area. Here are four layers of protection for every pool:

Layer 1: Pool Barriers

For inground pools, make sure your pool’s fence and gate are up-to-date with the requirements of your neighborhood association, town or municipality. Some require only a 3-sided fence that closes the pool off from the neighborhood, while others require a fence at least four-feet tall enclosing and separating the pool from the home.

Aboveground pools should also have barriers around them. For aboveground pools the structure itself could be a barrier or a barrier around the top of the patio around the pool could be required. Always check the requirements of your neighborhood association, town or municipality. It is also important to remove the steps or ladder that is used to access the pool or surround the steps or ladder with a barrier as well.

If your aboveground pool has a soft side, it is recommended that the pool be surrounded by a fence, just like any other pool, to prevent unsupervised access.

Entry gates should close and latch automatically. Latches should also be too high for small hands to reach. You can also install a gate alarm as an extra layer of security.

Layer 2: Pool Safety Covers

Your pool cover should never be slack or loose. Pool safety covers that are taught, like a trampoline, are often considered just for winter, but it can offer added security year round. While taking the cover on and off can take extra time, you can feel certain that the pool safety cover is strong enough to keep your pool safe.

Layer 3: Pool Motion Alarms

Installing an underwater motion swimming pool alarm adds another layer of protection. Alarms triggered by surface movement can be set off by wind, so you may want to consider something that won’t alarm unnecessarily.

Layer 4: Pool Drain Covers

Never play in a pool that has a loose, broken or missing drain cover. If the drain cover in your pool is loose, broken or missing, close your pool immediately and call a licensed pool professional to come out for repairs. Once the repairs have been made, you can enjoy your pool again.

Now that you’re equipped to be safe, get out there and play!