Put a Little Spring in Your Poolscape

Backyard pool and greenery at dusk

Regardless of whether you trust groundhog predictions, it’s an inevitability that spring ALWAYS comes. Spring, that wonderful time of renewal and light. Spring cleaning in the house has been a global ritual for centuries. So, why not take it outdoors to the pool?

A View to the Outside

Start by pressure-washing the deck or patio and giving the furniture a thorough cleaning. Once the slate is clean, take a good look at your pool and the surrounding space.

Now, start dreaming Wander through shops and flea markets and spend some time browsing websites, books and magazines for ideas and trends. Identify a color palette that makes you happy. Having a hard time? We have this season’s hottest colors here. Develop a vision for your outside “room.” After all, it’s another room to live and play in. Figure out what you have, what’s working and what you might like to add.

Color Me Fancy

A fresh coat of paint goes a long way with outdoor furniture. Try to repaint or repurpose any outdoor furniture you may have when designing the perfect springtime poolscape. While you can always add color to your poolscape with rugs, umbrellas, towels, vases, plants, curtains or cushions, paint is a fun option that’s easy to change each year.  Start with what you have and work towards what you want, and use your imagination to flush out the details.

From the Rug Up

Maybe you already own all you need to create separate areas for lounging, eating and so on. But, if you need some ideas to define those spaces, a wonderful way is to start with large, outdoor rugs.

Think of each rug as a room and plan the space on top of it. One carpet may form the base for a poolside bar with tall stools. Another may become an eating area complete with a table, chairs, an umbrella and even a rolling service trolley. Or, if a lounging area is what you want, complete the look with a pair of poolside recliners, side tables and even outdoor speakers.

Before you begin your search for the right outdoor carpet, you’ll mark off each “room” and measure the area each space takes up. If you already have the right furniture, try a few arrangements until it feels right and sketch it out. If you don’t, then sketch out the dimensions of the room and the furniture you selected from your plan.

Now it’s time to select the rugs! Pick rugs that are the proper size and shape and durable. Natural fibers are an eco-friendly choice. Synthetic materials, including acrylic, nylon, polyester and polypropylene can be sprayed clean with a hose and withstand dampness and activity. They are also long lasting and typically less expensive. Whatever you choose, make sure carpets have appropriate backing so they stay in place in your poolscape.

Don’t Forget the Finishing Touches!

Once you have your area set, a few well-placed and thoughtful accents can finish the look. For instance, you could anchor each carpet space with potted flowers or foliage as a makeshift “wall.” Visit a garden center in your area for advice on perennials, annuals and other plants that do well in your neck of the woods at any given time.

Add some fun to function. Fill in a blank space with a bird bath or gazing ball. Install new pathway lighting or purchase some outdoor torches. Buy or make some canvas pillows or big cushions for sitting on the ground. Find just the right piece of outdoor canvas wall art and try hanging wind chimes or party lights from the trees. These little touches will add charm and personality to your outdoor space.


Comedian Robin Williams once said, “Spring is nature’s way of saying, ‘Let’s party!’” So, what are you waiting for?