Take Your Dunking to the Next Level!

Basketball in Swimming Pool

If basketball is your game, you need to continually condition your body to increase strength and stamina, as well as stave off injury. And, as a pool owner, there’s no better place to change up your workout than your own backyard. The benefits of working out in your pool are pretty amazing. From providing the ultimate cushion for your joints to simultaneously requiring your muscles to work harder against water resistance, moving your practice off the court and into the pool can really up your game.

Wonderful Water

Translating the moves you do as part of game into a pool workout might mean a few modifications. Take a look at the types of exercises you’re doing now as part of a basketball routine, and see how many of those you can adapt and do in the water.

It’s also a good idea to take the same precautions for the pool as you do on land, such as warming up and stretching each and every muscle group. Even though water exercise is less weight bearing, it’s important to practice your preworkout routine.

Try adding ankle weights to your conditioning regimen or invest in some dumbbells designed specifically for pool use. There is no shortage of equipment available for aquatic exercise. You can even make your own weights by filling empty milk jugs.

Show and Tell

In the technologically connected world we live in, water exercises, and testimonials from those who do them, are plentiful. Professional players like Augie Johnston, MarShon Brooks and Lebron James sing the praises of water workouts and even demonstrate them in YouTube videos. Johnston has a video that focuses strictly on in-pool exercises to improve your jumping technique, while Livestrong.com offers its own guide.

Meanwhile, other sites provide overall strength training workout routines. Men’s Journal has shared tips for boosting lung capacity and strength. Additionally Speedo is offering a series of Speedo Fit circuits and training videos that “harness the natural benefits of water” to build strength and endurance, as well as aid in recovery. And just last spring, Sports Illustrated offered their take on moving your workout to the pool with routines that can benefit any athlete, regardless of their sport.

Make a Plan and Jump Right In

As with any workout, you can undoubtedly find a ton of information to get you moving. Before you start using your home court advantage as a pool owner, it’s advisable to talk to your doctor, trainer or other health professional to devise a routine that will be the most beneficial.

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