Three Tips to Help You Host Thanksgiving Poolside

Pumpkins and candles set on table for thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time to get together with family and friends, eat some good food and talk about what you're thankful for. And, these are all activities you can do around the pool!

That's right—there's no rule that says you have to gather around a formal dining table to have a great Thanksgiving. In fact, this is the perfect time to take advantage of the cool, crisp air that comes with fall. So, if you're looking for ways to change up your Thanksgiving this year, here are three tips to host it poolside.

Use Your Grill

Grilling in your backyard is not just a summer activity. You can keep it going throughout the fall, starting by grilling or smoking your Thanksgiving turkey. You can even grill your Thanksgiving sides, such as mashed sweet potatoes and stuffing.

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Make Thanksgiving-Themed Drinks

This is the perfect occasion for some unique drinks that go perfectly with Thanksgiving dinner. Try a refreshing cranberry champagne cocktail if you prefer to drink your cranberries rather than eat them. And for a family-friendly approach to cranberry cocktails, try mulled cranberry cocktail, rosy cranberry cider or cranberry sparkler.

You can also make spiced cabernet with a little cinnamon, sugar, cloves, an orange and, of course, some Cabernet Sauvignon. For a more family-friendly spiced cocktail, try these sparkling cider mocktails, mock tea Sangria, Thanksgiving punch or LaCroix jubilee mocktail.

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Incorporate Nature in Your Décor

Every holiday dinner calls for a few pretty centerpieces on the tables, even when you're dining outside. And since the best Thanksgiving centerpieces feature natural items—such as fall leaves, pumpkins and pinecones—they’ll fit right in at your backyard party! Make a few of these fall centerpieces, and then place them on your dinner table, outdoor coffee table and/or any end tables in your backyard before your guests arrive.

Just like you do indoors, you have the opportunity to decorate your whole outdoor area for Thanksgiving, including your pool. The simplest way to decorate for your poolside Thanksgiving is to put lots of floating tea lights in your pool. The effect is beautiful, especially at night.

You can even cut up pool noodles and wrap the foam around tea lights to make pool noodle luminaries. If you want more floating decorations, remember that pumpkins float, so toss some regular-sized or mini pumpkins in the pool for a fun fall effect!

Not all your decorations have to go in the water. Some of them look best next to the pool. A few fun Thanksgiving decorations include bales of hay, large pumpkins, scarecrows and cornucopias, which you can place strategically around the pool.

Do you plan to have Thanksgiving poolside? If so, share your fun fall recipes and decorations here!