Water Safety: It’s a Year-Round Job

Water Safety Tip | Water Safety: It's a Year-Round Job

May was a busy month here in the poolfyi community. Those of us who have seasonal pools kicked it into high gear to get ready for our favorite time of year: pool season! We prepared by cleaning, adding beautiful landscaping to our pool areas, learning some quick shape-up tips and trying some new recipes for our upcoming pool parties. 

Most importantly, we learned and reviewed water safety tips to help us prepare for pool season. Each year, National Water Safety Month gives those of us in the pool community the opportunity to review ways to stay safe while having fun in the pool. Thank you to the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals, the National Recreation & Park Association, the American Red Cross and the World Waterpark Association for sponsoring National Water Safety Month. Our pools are safer because of your leadership. Thanks also to the wonderful poolfyi community members who took to Facebook and Twitter to get the word out. It was inspiring to see so many pool owners and pool pros working toward a common goal.    

Although May is over, we all know water safety is a year-round job. Please take time to visit the National Water Safety Month website for tips, suggested pool rules and many other valuable resources for your pool. Let’s make 2014 our safest and best pool season yet. See you poolside!



Pool Toys are fun ! No doubt

Pool Toys are fun ! No doubt !
Not only could they lure children into the water -(potentially unsupervised) but also can and will diminish the effectiveness of a pools circulation of water.

Here's how-
When a floating toy or apparatus like a:

Small body board
Small Squirt Gun
Large Squirt Gun -Nerf Super Soaker / Stream Machines and the like
Frisbee - Large or small
Blow up or Sports Ball

are left in the Swimming Pool they float on the surface of the water. Then the natural design of the water flow being generated causes them to float into the suction area of the skimmer (which is meant to pull in leaves and debris and not toys)
When this happens the toy or toys begin to block the flow of water to the skimmer inlet and reduce (sometimes signifigantly) the amount of water that flows from the surface of the pool and through the pools filtration system.

It also inhibits the natural skimming action that the skimmer was designed for as it (the skimmer) can no longer pull those leaves off the top of the surface and into the skimmer.

If water flow is diminished in this capacity it also may cause less water to be pushed through and filtered - there by affecting water clarity , water balance , chemical retention ,etc.

The Booster Pump is also affected as it needs a steady and unbroken water stream to operate the Pool Sweep (assuming a pressure side pool sweep is being used)

Who knew that the toys left in the pool would create such a Butterfly effect on virtually all aspects of proper pool functions.

Now you do!

Keep em organised in a Deck Box so they are out of the way and still easily reached.

I suggest making it a requirement of children to rotate who will retrieve the pool toys and who is tasked with putting them away.

"No swimming for you kids unless you put those toys away" (shakes finger at youngsters in a crochety fashion)

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