The Wonder of Water Workouts

Women having fun exercising in pool

Fitness is a major aspect of life, and if you have a swimming pool, you already have a major fitness center right in your back yard.

If you haven’t looked into it lately, you might be surprised at how aquatic exercise has become a major trend in fitness. Then there’s hydrotherapy, swim aerobics, water training, and even underwater spin-cycling. Watch out gym! In no time, your pool could become your favorite piece of exercise equipment.

Work It!

Swimming is not all that can be done in the pool! There is so much to love about water fitness routines. First of all, no one can see you sweat – you’re already wet! And since you’re in the water it’s easier to stay cool.

Second, water exercise is perfect for you if your joints are an issue. Because pool workouts are low- to no-impact, non-weight-bearing activities, you can train without the sometimes painful joint impact of so many “land” routines. Because of the low joint strain, water exercise carries a low risk of injury.

Finally, through swimming and other water exercises, you can build, tone and strengthen muscles, all while burning fat and improving your overall cardio-pulmonary health. You can even increase your flexibility. That’s one piece of equipment for all of those benefits!

Possibilities are Endless

Commercial products are available from a great many companies, with prices ranging from less than $10 to about $2000 for aquatic exercise equipment. However, there are many free alternatives.  

Try doing some simple lifting exercises with homemade “equipment”, in the form of two plastic milk jugs—the kind with handles—filled with water. A gallon jug weighs just over 8 pounds when full, and you can change the level if you want to start with less.

You can even adapt yoga moves to the pool and take your aerobics underwater. Prevention Magazine developed a “Hydro Belly-Blaster Routine” a few years ago that was a hit with their readers and requires nothing more than a resistance band. Regardless of the time you have to devote, you can easily put together a water fitness routine that works for you.

Your pool is calling your name and it’s full of health benefits. So gather some friends or family members, crank up the music and get moving with a fun, water workout!