All 8 Pentair Intelliflow pumps died
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I have multiple water features and I use the largest Pentair controller i9 to control 8 Pentair Intelliflow pumps.
Everything was working until few days ago when my pool guy reported that none of the pumps work in controller driven mode.
Each pump does work in manual mode when control cable is disconnected.
Here is what else is going on

1. screen logic does work and the panel is responsive to remote control, remote setup, programming etc.
2. Wireless remotes do work.
3. All valves are operational and respond to commands.
4. All lights are operational and respond to commands and programming schedules.
5. All AUX relays do work and responsive to commands.
6. I checked multiple times the connections to the pumps (green,yellow) and to the control interface (black green yellow red). Everything is connected properly.

Please help !!!!

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