Pentair Onga Hammerhead pool cleaner stuck by steps
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I’ve got a Hammerhead Cleaner and it keeps wanting to do 2 things.

1) get stuck on the top of my plastic wedding cake type steps, and
2) gets stuc in the corner between the steps and the wall

Any advice on either


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Tech, Pentair
Please check for the
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Tech, Pentair

Please check for the following listed below, and make sure no debris is caught inside the cleaner;

• Adjust the Eyeball Diverter of the return flow towards the problem area
to guide the Cleaner away from the steps.
• Verify proper hose length and correct position of the Hose Weights.
• Remove or add one hose section.
• Using your Flow Gauge, verify proper water flow to your Cleaner.
• Using your Flow Gauge, Increase or decrease the flow to your cleaner
with-in the maximum/minimum range by adjusting the valve.
• Check the footpad under the Hammer Head pool cleaner for we

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