Basic Landscaping Principles

A pool isn’t just about getting into the water to get refreshed. When you properly plan the environment around your pool, it can become a magical place that stimulates all of your senses and gives you a well-deserved refuge from a hurried world.

Key landscaping principles can help you to be more creative in bringing your vision to life, Landscape Design Site reports.

Unity: Do all of the landscaping elements look right together? Feel connected? Do you have a theme? Just remember, too much unity is bland.

Variety: Can you use different elements (shapes, colors, textures, levels, paths, walkways) to create more visual interest or a focal point? Have you included water elements? Fire elements? Lighting?

Balance: Do the elements balance with each other in a pleasing way? The balance could be formal (symmetrical), informal (asymmetrical) or radial.

Proportion: Consider the size of each element. Do any overpower the others? Keep in mind what plants will look like when and as they reach maturity.

Be inspired to look at your pool landscape not as a collection of things, but as a unified expression of outdoor relaxation and enjoyment.

How have you improved your pool’s landscaping?