Make a Splash with These Holiday Gift Ideas

Red gift boxAre you looking for something extra special for the pool owner in your life? Just because the weather has turned doesn’t mean pool gifts are out of the question. The recipient may not be able to put the gift to use right away, but it’s still a great choice for the person that has it all. Check out the gift ideas below to help you find the perfect gift or spark your holiday shopping imagination.

Safety Gear
Like socks or a sweater, safety gear might not be the most exciting gift, but in terms of practicality you can’t beat it. Every pool owner should have safety ranked as a priority, so why not help them out with some cool new gear. Custom life rings with family names and pool alarms are two great gifts to consider.

Pool Gift Basket
Build your own custom holiday gift by purchasing a collection of pool necessities and putting them in a decorative basket or new skimmer net. Items you can include are almost limitless, but try to stick with poolside staples like sunscreen, aloe, new towels, small pool toys, and a radio or speakers.

Automatic Pool Cleaner
If you want to be a real holiday hero for the pool owner in your life, consider getting them an automatic pool cleaner. They'll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying their pool with family and friends, like you. And, you can even save money by using one of many pool cleaner rebates.

Pool Floats
Colorful, fun and always in use, pool floats are a great gift for the pool owner who has kids. Pool floats come in many varieties, but the most popular are noodles and kickboards. For the creative type, you can also purchase connectors for most noodles that allow them to be arranged in any number of shapes, including chairs and diving-ring targets.

If you’re shopping for a pool owner or family that loves sports, you should consider items such as water basketball hoops, floating water polo goals, volleyball nets or paddle games. You’ll be sure to bring out their competitive side come spring, and maybe even get a few more invites to visit and play.

Swimming Pool Cooler
Do you know a pool owner or family who spends all their spare time in the pool, never wanting to leave? Think of how excited they’ll be when they unwrap your present: a floating pool cooler. These inflatable coolers are perfect for storing kid drinks, adult beverages, food or even sunscreen and aloe for those long days in the sun.

Outdoor Speakers
Add to the fun or relaxation of pool ownership with outdoor speakers. Weatherproof speakers are perfect for any music-loving pool owner. With many varieties to choose from, you can get speakers to match nearly any landscape style or house color with ease.

Outside Storage
Large plastic storage bins are another practical holiday gift idea. They’re great for storing swimming pool chemicals, cleaning supplies and other miscellaneous goods. Storage bins not only protect their contents, but they keep them in a central location, so nothing gets lost. It’s funny how after months of not using something it can mysteriously disappear, but with a central storage location all that can be avoided.


I love the cooler idea. Once

I love the cooler idea. Once I hit my lounge chair, I'm glued to it until the heat of the sun calls for a refreshing cool dip. There's also some really cool decorative speakers that my wife and I bought so we can mellow out to the sounds of Jimmy Buffett. That's Paradise.

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