Patriotic Pool Parties

With Flag Day in June and Independence Day in July, pool owners can use their pools to show off their patriotism and celebrate with family and friends. Here are some easy ways to prep any pool space for a patriotic celebration:

  • Flag DayWhile it can be easier to ask guests to bring their own towels, display a few small stacks of red, white and blue towels out for guests who might forget their own.
  • Use LED colored pool lights to make the pool’s water colors patriotic.
  • Poolside snacks can be patriotic too! Use clear containers to serve red and blue fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries. Bananas, pretzels and other neutral-colored foods make for great fillers in displays! Candy, chips and desserts are easy to find in patriotic colors too.
  • Not only can snacks be patriotic, but poolside drinks can be too! Use all white coolers to serve blue and red beverages to guests. 
  • Patriotic plates, napkins, cups, utensils and tablecloths are a quick way to give any pool area a red, white and blue theme. 
  • Give pool landscaping a quick patriotic makeover by sticking a few American flags in the ground or by adding some red, white and blue potted plants.

The pool is a great place to celebrate any holiday. Tell us how you decorate your pool space and backyard for patriotic celebrations by commenting below or sharing photos, videos and blogs with the Poolfyi community.