3 Things to Know Before Buying a Pool Pump

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Buying a new pool pump can be an overwhelming experience and replacing your existing pool pump with the same pump may not give you the energy efficiency and money savings that a new pump could. But how do you purchase a proper pump? Here are three tips to help you purchase a new pump for your pool:

Check to see if the electrical supply is compatible

Right now, your current pump is either running on an electrical supply of 110V or 230V. Some pumps can be wired for either voltage but installing an incorrect voltage pump will cause damage. With recent advances in pump technology, you can purchase a replacement pump that will automatically detect the incoming voltage and adapt to it. This eliminates any guesswork and re-wiring of the motor set up, such as in a “convertible” type pump.

Know what size pump you need

Replacement pump installation can be made easier, cost less in labor and electrical hook up if the physical size and location of pipes and electrical connections are similar. Take the measurements of the overall length of the existing pump into consideration when purchasing a new pump. Ask what pumps are designed to replace your current pump.

The myth of “Bigger is Better” for pumps can cause premature pump motor failure. If your pump is sized too small you can experience flow errors on equipment and not be able to achieve proper turnover times of pool water for sanitation resulting in an unsafe pool to swim in.

Pool pumps work with the other aspects of your pool to provide a proper turnover of water in the pool. This is especially true when considering your filtration, sanitizers and heaters. Check your owner’s manual to determine what flow rate your pump requires for operating all of your pool equipment properly.

Energy efficiency matters

Two-speed and variable speed pumps are energy efficient options. These pumps can help you reduce your energy costs. To help you determine the energy savings of a new two-speed or variable speed pump, you can use a calculator that many manufactures have on their website.

Residential Pool Pump Savings Calculator

Many utility companies also reward homeowners for making energy efficient choices when it comes to pool operation. Contact your local utility companies to see if there are any available rebates for energy efficient pool pumps.

Find Utility Rebates


Just like you want a healthy heart to take care of all the parts of your body, a healthy pump will do the same for your pool. Be smart and use the correct products for your pool as determined by the science behind the products technology.