5 Easy DIY Valentine's Day Ideas for the Backyard

Red wooden Valentine's Day heart

For a special way to celebrate Valentine's Day at home, consider using your backyard pool area as the focal point for a celebration that features decorations you can make yourself. Whether you spend this winter holiday with your significant other or your friends and family, everyone will appreciate the special touches you’ve included.

Here are five DIY decoration ideas for your backyard Valentine's Day party:

Hang Up a Wooden Heart

Your backyard fence or door is the perfect place to incorporate some natural elements for your Valentine’s Day decor. In fact, it's super easy to do so by making this DIY branch heart wall art! Just use tree twigs and branches from your own backyard. Get a few shades of pink or red paint so you can add some color and use ribbon or twine to create a “hook” to hang it on. .

Make a Pretty Rose Box

Flowers play an integral part during Valentine’s Day. Whether it’s roses or wildflowers, you’ll want a unique and attractive way to show them off. This paint stir stick flower box makes a whimsical centerpiece and blends the delicate beauty of flowers with rustic, country charm.

Create Your Own Comfortable Seating

If you're having an intimate poolside Valentine's Day, a hammock makes the perfect cozy seat. You can make this two-person hammock with a few supplies and simple tools, if you have time to spare.

Of course, hammocks aren’t just for Valentine’s Day! You can also make this for a party to provide extra seating for anyone who wants to relax poolside any time of the year!

Give the Lawn Some Love

If you have grass, you can use a heart stencil and some flour or powdered sugar to make cute little hearts all around your yard. If there happens to be some snow on the ground still, you can add red or pink food coloring to water and spray it through the stencil to create colorful hearts in the snow.

Mason Jar Glitter Votives

Your Valentine's Day backyard celebration isn't complete without candles. Dress up votives by putting them in festive, glittery Mason jars and then spreading the jars of light throughout your backyard.

In addition to the Mason jar votives, you can float candles in your pool and add twinkling lights to your trees or bushes to add a little extra light and ambiance to your celebration.

How do you plan to celebrate this Valentine's Day? If you're happy to stay home and bask in your beautiful backyard, let us know how you're going to decorate!