5 Festive St. Patty’s Day Party Ideas

Festive St. Patrick's Day swimming pool with green lit water and laminars

It’s a chilly St. Patrick’s Day, and unfortunately, only a select few will have the luck of the Irish this year when it comes to warm, pool-friendly weather. However, that doesn’t mean that you can’t ring in the holiday with some awesome St. Patrick’s Day festivities! Here are five festive ways to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day poolside:

1. Make fun green cocktails and kid-friendly drinks.

There are tons of options available to create awesome cocktails and kid-friendly drinks for the holiday. Mojitos and pretty much anything with Green Chartreuse or a green garnish is perfect. In addition, you can opt for popular St. Patrick’s Day-themed cocktails, like Irish coffee, which is perfect for the chilly weather!

When it comes to the kiddos, the possibilities are endless – all you need is a little bit of green food coloring to turn their favorite drinks into St. Patrick’s Day specialties.

2. Create St. Patrick’s Day-themed food.

Naturally green foods such as guacamole and artichoke dip are great for adding to the party mix. When sliced horizontally, green peppers look just like shamrocks and can be incorporated into fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed recipes such as stuffed peppers or shamrock eggs.

Traditional recipes like Irish soda bread, Irish stew or corned beef and cabbage are also awesome options. You can also have fun using green food coloring to create green cupcakes, cookies, cakes, or pies that your friends and family will adore.

3. Find fun St. Patrick’s Day decorations.

There are so many options out there for St. Patrick’s Day that our minds are practically spinning! Tinsel shamrock garlands, streamers, green balloons and fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed pool inflatables are all great choices to keep the event festive and exciting. Don’t forget the accessories! Shamrock beads, shamrock sunglasses, leprechaun hats and green mustaches can all be used to create the most epic St. Patrick’s Day pool party pictures ever.

4. Turn your pool green.

The easiest way to turn your pool green is by using color-changing LED pool lighting. The IntelliBrite 5G Underwater Color-Changing LED Pool Lights have 5 fixed colors and 7 preprogrammed color shows. With green LED pool lighting, your pool will look especially beautiful if you’re hosting a pool party that goes into the evening.

5. Set up fun St. Patrick’s Day-themed activities.

There are tons of kid-friendly St. Patrick’s Day activities to choose from. Have the kiddos participate in a gold hunt where you hide various gold coins (chocolate or plastic) around the pool area to find in a gold coin treasure hunt. Set up a gold coin toss and have the children take turns trying to toss their gold coins into leprechaun pales. You can also set up a fun gold coin pitch by having kids assist with creating an oversized rainbow out of construction paper and seeing who can toss their coins closest to the end.