5 Ways to Cozy Up Your Backyard for Fall

Beautiful Fall Patio Ready to Be Enjoyed

The backyard is a great place to be in the spring and summer, but did you know, it’s a great place for fall too? Fall is a great time to enjoy your outdoor space, but it does require some work to transition from summer. If you really want to get the most from your backyard as the leaves turn yellow and the nights get colder, create a warm and cozy space that naturally brings people together, accents your pool and helps you enjoy everything about your beautiful backyard. Here are 5 ways to cozy up your backyard and transition it for fall:

  1. Add some traditional fall flair. Fall is a season of bounty, and nothing says bounty like mums, pumpkins, gourds and squash. These autumn favorites are available in a variety of colors and they make great natural accents that last for weeks. If you’re interested in decorating for the holidays and not just the season, check out our other tips here.
  2. Put out an area rug. An area rug on your stone or concrete patio will create a naturally warm gathering spot. Use a rug in concert with patio seating to create on outdoor living room you’ll enjoy when entertaining or stargazing.
  3. Light a fire. Outdoor fireplaces, fire pits or fire bowls create natural gathering spots that will be focal points on crisp, fall nights. Gathered around a cozy backyard fire will be a great place to enjoy some fall-themed cocktails.
  4. Have blankets at the ready. Be sure to have a basket of blankets handy for curling up when it’s cool outside. Blankets and plush pillows will not only make your backyard a more comfortable place to be, they’re also a great way to add some rich, fall colors.
  5. Heat it up. Outdoor space heaters are great for nippy fall evenings and their portability allows you to take the warmth to the gathering! But don’t just heat up the air; heat up the water, either in your pool or spa. With the right heater or heat pump from Pentair, your pool or spa will be warm and inviting for you and any of your guests!

Don’t let the cooler temperatures and longer nights keep you from enjoying your backyard. Fall is a fantastic time to be outdoors, and with just a few seasonal touches, your backyard will become a warm and inviting space where you and your loved ones will make memories.