Automated Technology Creates Continual Wave of Excitement

Amazon Echo beside pool

Post Written by David MacCallum and Originally Posted on LinkedIn

When left to their own devices, many of today’s pool owners are managing their pool and spa operations with the flip of a wrist or a swipe of a screen thanks to Pentair’s convenient controls technology. For example, they can instantly increase the water temperature by tapping their Apple Watch®; pump speeds may be adjusted remotely from a tablet; and, when asked using voice command, Amazon’s Alexa will report a spa’s precise pH levels.

This seamless monitorng of pool and spa controls in a split-second makes a world of difference for consumers thanks to our advanced line of IntelliTouch® and EasyTouch automated controls. The evolution of the ScreenLogic2 Interface connects with high-tech wireless devices and is creating positive waves with pool owners seeking to manage their operations with ease and accuracy via today’s most cutting-edge tech offerings.

While Pentair’s ScreenLogic capability debuted more than 10 years ago, the connected product portfolio has kept pace. According to David MacCallum, Pentair Aquatic Systems Sr. Product Manager for automation and chemical control systems, the Pentair team has led the industry delivering the next generation of tech interfaces to align with the needs of customers and consumers.

“We launched in 2006 with applications compatible with PCs, Mac® computers and PDAs,” said David, who has helped develop the connected product offering since joining Pentair in 2003. “Next, the team introduced iPhone® interface in 2009, the iPad® in 2011, Android® interface debuted in 2014, and then Amazon’s Echo® and Dot® as well as Apple Watch® were offered in 2016. Later this summer we’ll introduce Google Home. Today’s tech-savvy home owners are driving the demand. They realize and appreciate the power of the internet and how our automated control tools can seamlessly streamline their busy lives while they’re at home or away through their smart device of choice.”

In order to keep pool builders and customers up-to-date, a dedicated Pentair training team travels the U.S. hosting and leading sessions to offer hands-on support and expertise.

What’s next? “We know every second counts in the minds of consumers so our focus remains on ‘low friction’ interfaces, such as Apple Watch, Amazon Alexa, and iOS Widgets that allow instant access to the information you’re looking for,” David noted. “While Apps are still popular, they require numerous steps and can lengthen the process. We’re seeing growth in the ability to deliver accurate information in a split second, which ensures we meet consumers’ needs now and in the future.”

Learn more about the Pentair ScreenLogic2, IntelliTouch, and EasyTouch systems here.



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