Back-to-School Splash Bash!

Girl in pool relaxing with book

With summer breaks ending and children starting back to school, there’s no better send off to summer than a pool party! A back-to-school splash bash is not only memorable but the possibilities for fun are endless. Here are some tips for your back-to-school pool party:

Welcome to Class

Get your guests excited and ready to RSVP with unique invitations. Use beach balls and write the date, time and place of your party with a permanent marker. Play on this theme by picking different pool toys, like inflatable globes or emoji characters.

For decorations, use plastic tablecloths in school colors and make garlands of paper airplanes, the alphabet or school pennants. You can also set up blackboards with chalk or white boards with dry-erase markers and encourage guests to doodle or share a goal for this school year.

School of Rock (On)

Set the mood for your back-to-school splash bash with a sweet playlist! For younger kids, try Disney (Children’s) Radio on Pandora for songs from Disney movies. Metro Parent has put together a good mix for tweens and teens, and USA Today compiled their own collection of kid-friendly, parent-approved tunes for all ages. 

The Mess Hall

There are lots of creative ways to serve refreshments at your back-to-school pool party. Set up a table and place “schools” (bowls) of Swedish Fish and goldfish-shaped crackers on them.  You can also hang a few backpacks on chair backs and stuff them to overflowing with individual packs of chips and other munchies.

For something heartier, serve hot dogs, hamburgers or pizza on cafeteria-style trays or on plates in your school’s colors.

And, don’t forget to have plenty of ice-cold milk cartons, juice boxes and bottles of water on hand.


While the pool is the main attraction, it’s always nice to have additional activities planned. Set up a photo booth complete with props, such as globes and maps, eyeglasses, notebooks, calculators and other school supplies. Funny wigs and accessories like boas, scarves and hats are also fun additions.

You could hold a spelling bee, organize a school supply scavenger hunt or play school bingo.

A back-to-school splash bash is about celebrating the beginning of a new year, making new friends and learning. So, enjoy the time together, build new friendships and appreciate the ones you already have. Have a wonderful school year!