Caring for a Snow Covered Pool

Snow Covered Inground Swimming Pool

Snow is so beautiful when it’s falling gently from the sky, but when it piles up it can really wreak havoc. With the artic weather heading into the continental U.S. in the coming days, now is the perfect time to remind you how to take care of your pool when it’s covered in snow!

According to FEMA, 1 foot of fresh snow ranges from 3 pounds per square foot for light, dry snow like the western part of the U.S. gets to 21 pounds per square foot for wet, heavy snow, like the East Coast tends to get. Of course, the type of snow you get is based on location and unique weather conditions. Having said that, it’s important to note that ice weighs significantly more than heave, wet snow per inch depth – 1 foot of ice weighs approximately 57 pounds per square foot.

So how can you take care of your pool during a serious winter weather event? Keep the pool cover as clean as possible! That’s easier said than done though, so check out these three tips for taking care of your snow covered pool!

Take Action

Do not ignore snow sitting on your pool cover. Any more than an inch of water on your pool cover can cause stress and damage your cover. While many winter covers can handle up to 10 inches of snow if the water level in your pool has dropped since the cover was put on, it can fail. Additionally, significant amounts of snow can have different effects on different types of pools and covers. It is better to take action now to remove the snow than to sit and wait to see what happens!

You also don’t want to let snow runoff into your pool. Taking action early to ensure your pool cover stands up to the snow and ice is important.

Clean Your Pool Cover

Use a long broom to gently brush the snow off your pool cover. Never use a sharp object, like a shovel, to remove snow from your pool cover. If the snow is light and powdery, you can also use a leaf blower to help remove it.

Never forcibly remove or attempt to melt ice on your pool cover. Wait for ice to melt on its own, especially if it is a solid sheet. When it does begin to melt, pump it off right away. Melting snow and ice can refreeze and cause damage to your pool cover.

Clear the Deck

While you’re focused on getting snow off the pool cover, it’s important to remember to remove the snow from around the pool as well – especially if it’s an inground pool. That way, there will be space for the melting snow to run off.  Just be careful not to shove snow onto your pool cover!

With all the winter weather and cold temperatures forecasted make sure you take plenty of breaks from working outside to remove snow, wear layers and use safe shoveling techniques