Dive Into Halloween

Spooky jack-o'-lantern in front of water at night

It’s time for Halloween!

Halloween is a great time for the whole family to get spooky and kooky, and there’s no better setting for a ghoulish gathering than your backyard pool. Here are three tricks and lots of treats to make your Halloween party a real thriller!

Trick 1: Aquatic-themed costumes

The best part of Halloween is dressing up, so give your Halloween pool party an aquatic theme like eerie bog or life under the sea. Have all the guests dress up to match your theme for a night of fun you won’t soon forget.

As a treat, here are a few cute ideas to get you started:

  • The Jellyfish: The jellyfish costume is easy to make at home, and one of the coolest Halloween getups you’ll ever see. This is one that’s easy to get creative with, and your kids will go wild for it. Here’s a great idea for a jellyfish costume that uses LED lights.
  • Sea Anemone: The sea anemone costume is another easy one that looks great. Check this one out and make your own.
  • Scuba Diver: The scuba diver is a favorite among kids of all ages, and it’s one that’s easy to put together from things you probably have in your home already. Get as crafty as you want with this one – start here for ideas to create your own.

Trick 2: Freaky fun Halloween treats

Your Halloween pool party won’t be complete without freaky fun stuff to eat and drink. Now is the perfect time to serve up some extra spooky goodies to spook your guests. You’re sure to look forward to making these treats again every Halloween.

Check out these four spooky treat recipes:

  • Spider Bowl: This one’s easy to make from pizza dough and marinara, but good bakers use other breads with dips like spinach dip for variety everyone will appreciate. Here’s a great recipe for inspiration.
  • Eyeball Lava Cake: Here’s a decadent lava cake recipe that looks and tastes fantastic. This one looks so good you won’t want to cut it, but you’ll be glad you did when your taste buds light up.
  • Jekyll and Gin Glowing Cocktails: This is a great-tasting gin cocktail that the adults at your party will all want to try. It’s easy to make, with or without the glow, and it’ll be a hit when the clock strikes midnight and beyond.
  • Blueberry Rickety Eyeball Punch: Here’s another recipe that’ll be staring back at you as you enjoy your eyeball cake. It’s a Halloween twist on a classic drink that can be served with or without alcohol for a fun toast the whole family can enjoy.

Trick 3: Fun Halloween decorations

Half the fun of Halloween is dressing up. The other half is decorating and your pool party is a great opportunity get creative and creepy. From lighting to floating décor, your pool is sure to be the spookiest on the block!

Treat yourself to these two ideas to get your decorations started:

  • Hovering Witch Legs: Witch legs are easy Halloween decorations that always look really fun, here’s an idea for a floating witch that puts a new spin on an old favorite.
  • Floating Jack-o’-lanterns: Floating jack-o’-lanterns in your pool is always a cool way to make your party spooky. You can use plastic trick or treat pumpkins with glow sticks inside them or use real pumpkins and floating candles.

Now that you’ve been properly tricked and treated, it’s time to go enjoy your Halloween. Happy haunting!