The Easiest Way to a Crystal Clear Pool: Pool Maintenance

The key to keeping a pool clean and trouble free (along with automation) is checking your chemical balance on a weekly basis. I prefer to test my chemical balance myself, as opposed to taking a sample to the pool supply store. My local pool supply store is awesome — all of their staff is highly trained, and I buy everything from them — I just prefer to check my own chemicals. 

Checking Your Chemical Balance
The thing that I used to hate about pool chemistry was getting the test tubes filled to exactly the right level and having to swirl the contents after adding reagents. The Taylor 9265 SpeedStir, along with the Taylor 6190 SampleSizer, eliminated those problems. Using the test tube that comes with the SpeedStir, fill it up to somewhere over the sample line that you want to use. Then, insert the SampleSizer into the test tube, and it will push the excess water out of the test tube, giving you consistent and accurate fill levels every time. 

Next, place the tube on top of the SpeedStir, add the magnet, turn on the SpeedStir and follow the instructions for adding reagents for the particular test that you are running. The SpeedStir will stir the contents for you. It doesn’t get any easier than that. Here are a couple of videos to help as well:



The Pool Calculator
Another great tool to use after you have all of your chemical readings is The Pool Calculator at poolcalculator.com. I keep this loaded as a webpage on my iPhone (there’s also an iPhone app available). All you have to do is enter your pool specs, then your chemical readings, along with the target readings, and it will calculate how much of each chemical you need to add.


Nice post!

Nice post!

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