Everything You Need to Know About Heating Your Pool

Heated swimming pool during winter

Even if summer is the most popular season for pool owners to enjoy their swimming area, it doesn’t mean the fun has to stop there! With a Pentair heating system, you can use your pool into the colder months.

So how do you choose the right heater for your pool?

Most pools use either natural gas-fired heaters or electric heat pumps for heating.

Natural gas is the most widely used energy source for pool heating. In natural gas heaters, a gas flame transfers heat to your pool’s water through a metal heat exchanger. This technology provides the fastest and most reliable heat in colder climates.

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Heat pumps work differently. They use electricity to circulate a refrigerant through the unit to extract free heat out of the air. They extract the heat using the thermodynamics of evaporating and re-compressing refrigerants. This process uses far less electricity than it would take to produce the same amount of heat with an electric heating element. Heat pumps are popular in many climates and are for pools and spas where the goal is temperature maintenance, as opposed to fast heat-up.

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Depending on where you live and your water temperature goals, you may want to consider both a heat pump and gas-fired heater. Why? As nights get longer and cooler, a heat pump alone might not be able to maintain desired temperatures. This is where a supplemental gas-fired heater can be used at night to keep the water comfortably warm. Introducing the latest heating technology from Pentair, the UltraTemp ETi Hybrid Heat Heater!

The UltraTemp ETi combines a pool heat pump and an ultra-high-efficiency, gas-fired heater in the same unit. With four operating modes, you’re sure to find the perfect heat setting for any season! The result is an eco-friendly pool heater that delivers superior energy savings and lets you put more summer in your calendar. Learn more here.

The calendar might say December, but you can still dive in because with a Pentair heater or heat pump, your water is sure to be warm!