Extend Your Pool Season Into Fall

Fall leaves floating in pool

There’s no reason you should enjoy your pool for only a few short months every summer. Swim into the fall season! With the right equipment, your pool will be perfect for a crisp fall day without breaking your budget.

Here’s how to start adding more summer to your backyard paradise this fall:

Keep the Water Warm

There are many sources you can use to heat your pool. However, no other heating method warms water as quickly as gas-fired heaters, whether natural gas or propane. They’re a great choice for cooler climates. Heaters like the MasterTemp® High Performance Heater or the ETi® 400 High-Efficiency Heater can provide your pool or spa with plenty of warm, inviting water this fall.

However, if you live in an area where temperatures are 50oF or higher most of the time, heat pumps are the most economical way to heat your pool. The UltraTemp® High Performance Heat Pump is perfect for an energy conscious customer.

You can also equip your pool with a solar heating system to collect energy from the sun, which can be a great supplement to your heater or heat pump. While this may work most efficiently in the summer, you can continue to capture all of the sun’s golden fall rays. Just keep in mind that as the season progresses, decreasing daylight hours and the sun’s changing position  in the sky will reduce the amount of heat you can capture.

Add Insulation

Pool covers do a remarkable job of retaining the warmth you add to your pool water. Covers help prevent evaporation, which can account for 50-70% of heat loss from a pool, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. They act as an insulating layer and also block the escape of radiant warmth into clear, nighttime skies.

Don’t Skip Fall Maintenance

Fall weather brings falling leaves, twigs and more wind-blown dirt to your pool. Running your pool cleaner more frequently will help you continue to keep your pool clean and inviting. It’s also important to clean skimmers, pump strainer baskets and your pool’s filter more often; this will help prevent equipment problems and keep your pump working efficiently.

In addition to keeping your pool clean, you need to maintain proper water chemistry. As the temperatures become cooler or if the snow starts to fall early, you’ll want to be prepared to close your pool for the winter. Here are a few articles on how to prepare and close your pool:

Don’t let the calendar tell you when to close your pool. Hang on to the fun of summer and enjoy your pool even as the weather cools! With these tips, it’ll still feel like summer in your pool regardless of what your calendar says.