Fall: The Best Time To Remodel A Swimming Pool

Fall leaves beside a beautiful blue pool, reflecting the sky


We hope you had an amazing summer in and around your swimming pool. The long, hot days and warm, breezy evenings are best spent in the pool. It’s the one surefire way to make a summer memorable, and it never fails. But what if your pool wasn’t quite itself this summer? Maybe it didn’t excite you as much as last summer or the equipment seemed…off. Maybe it’s time for a few changes.

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Leaving remodeling for the spring months can eat into your good swimming days. Get the most out of your pool by remodeling in the fall! Here are our top 3 reasons to get started on your remodeling project now:

1. Awareness

All of the reasons you want your pool remodeled are fresh in your mind at the end of summer and you know what needs to be done. So why wait? Waiting can cause you forget about the reasons you wanted a remodel in the first place. Additionally, if you cover up the pool as winter begins and postpone changes, you’re not going to be thinking about it again until next spring at the earliest and then you run the risk of missing pool days.

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2. Savings

By remodeling in the fall, you’re likely to save money and you’ll definitely save time. Most people get their pools ready for summer in the springtime. Landscapers, pool builders and swimming pool companies are all busy in the spring and they often have a long wait list. Many manufacturers offer rebates on products during the summer and into the early fall.

Right now, Pentair is offering rebates of $50-$200 on select automatic pool cleaners, pool pumps and heat pumps. Learn more about the rebates we have to offer on our Product Rebates page.

3. Timing

The last thing you want when it’s hot and you’re ready to take a refreshing dip in your pool to cool off is a construction zone in your backyard. You want your pool remodel complete and ready to go in spring. That means you can’t wait until after the winter thaw or in the early spring to start a remodel project. That’s too late. By starting the project in the fall, you’ll have plenty of time to complete the project before it’s time to dive in again.

We know that fall is a great time to swim and there are still plenty of good swimming days to be had, but as the days get shorter and cooler, make the move and get your remodeling project started. That way, you’ll have the pool you always dreamed of in the summer and you’ll really make a splash!