Fall Maintenance - What Your Pool Needs During the Autumn Months

Man cleaning fall leaves out of his pool

Although swimming pools most frequently used during the summer months, it’s important to remember that pools need maintenance year-round. Keeping your pool in great condition during the fall months will help maintain your pool while allowing you to enjoy the last warm days of the year and will make it easier to close for the winter, when that time comes.

Keep your pool clean of leaves and debris

Leaves fall during autumn; there isn’t much you can do about it. Besides leaves, there is a huge amount of natural debris that is generated during fall. You should keep your pool completely debris-free throughout the season. Use a sturdy pool skimmer that allows you to keep the surface clean and an inground pool cleaner to clean the pool floor.

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Watch your filters

Your pool filters will help keep your swimming area clean, but you have to check and clean them often. In addition to keeping your pool clean, you will also extend your filters’ usable lifespan.

Check your water and chemical levels regularly

Even if you don’t plan to use your pool during fall, remember to maintain a healthy water level. Chemicals and water evaporate a lot slower during the fall months, which causes many owners to overlook make sure they have the right amount of water in their pool.

The usage rate and the amount of debris that enters and stays in your swimming pool also affect its chemical composition. Ensure that you test your water’s pH and other chemical levels to apply any treatments, if necessary.

Heater calibration

People who have pool heaters should start calibrating their temperature settings specifically for autumn to save energy.

Repair, remodel and improve

Fall is the perfect season to address repairs, like leaks and cracks, because there isn’t as much usage, but the temperature and clarity are still relatively high.

Besides to fixing and replacing parts, autumn is also the ideal time of year for major remodeling jobs. New decks, extensions and other big projects can be carried out during this time of the year while the weather is still nice.

Finally fall is the perfect time to upgrade or replace your pool equipment. Take advantage of the fall months to install an energy-efficient pump as well as other improvement to your equipment, as needed.

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