Five Pool Bag Essentials for Pool Parties

It’s summertime and you know what that means: pool parties! With a few essential items in your packed in your pool bag, the pool parties you attend this summer are bound to go swimmingly. To help you make the most of pool season, we’ve put together a list of five of the basic pool bag essentials you need to pack for your next pool party:

1.Sun Protection

It’s important to remember your sun protection when attending any pool party. This should include sunscreen as well as a hat and sunglasses.

Sunscreen should be applied at least every two hours if you’re swimming or sweating, so don’t just “set it and forget it” or you could get sunburned. It’s also important to look for a broad-spectrum sunscreen that will protect you from both UVA and UVB rays.

Both a hat and sunglasses will help you keep the sun out of your eyes and off your face. While every pool party might not be the ideal place for a hat—especially if you’re in a cabana or under an umbrella—sunglasses will help cut down on the glare of the water and the sun’s rays. And, there’s always a possibility that wearing your wide-brimmed hat with your sunglasses might get you confused for a famous celebrity.


The host of your pool party will probably have towels available for use, but it’s always good to bring an extra towel with you. Depending on how long your pool party lasts and if you plan on rinsing off and changing into another outfit, you may need a couple of towels: one for pool use and one for drying off once you’re clean. Also, if you have to drive home and you’re still damp, you’ll be glad you brought your own towel.

3.Extra Clothes

This goes along with towels, but depending on what kind of pool party you’re attending, you may want to consider bringing a second swimsuit and/or a change of clothes. Whether the party moves from poolside to inside when the sun goes down or you just want to switch up your look midday, having a change of clothing is always handy. Just don’t forget a waterproof bag for your wet suit or your pool bag will get soggy!

4.First Aid Kit

A small first aid kit is always handy, especially if you have kids. Pools should have a first aid kit on hand but having your own is always important. You can also include certain items in your first aid kit to meet your specific needs, such as medication that you need to take throughout the day.

Things you should consider include plastic bandages, alcohol wipes, acetaminophen, aloe, bug spray and extra sunscreen.


Last but not least, every pool bag needs a cool bottle of water for you to drink! You need to stay hydrated if you’re out in the sun. If you can’t bring your own bottled water, bring an empty water bottle or cup and refill it throughout the day. If your party is providing beverages, make sure you’re consuming plenty of water in addition to any soda or adult refreshments as drinking alcohol can lead to dehydration.

While there are plenty of other items that just missed the list, these are certainly our top five. Let us know what your pool bag essentials are in the comments below!