Football and Your Pool: Scoring a Touchdown This Fall

Modern house with outdoor seating and TV area by swimming pool

Football season is well on its way, but there are still plenty of bright days left in autumn to enjoy by your pool. Hosting a get-together to catch the best games of the week is an awesome way to enjoy the last days of the sun left in the year with your friends and family.

Whether you want to host a party for a special occasion or simply gather your best friends, your pool can become the centerpiece of your celebration. To help you out, we’ve got 5 tips to hosting the ultimate football gathering and score a touchdown with your friends this fall.

Before game day, you should:

1. Prepare your outdoor space

The first thing you need to do is prepare the party zone! Whether it’s an outdoor kitchen, just a grill or a table covered in delicious dishes, make sure there’s enough space for all of the food. You’ll also want to prepare a space for eating and sitting – it should be easy to watch the game from both areas.

Pro tip: Don’t forget to a trash can! It sounds silly, but when hosting outdoor events people typically forget to bring a trashcan outside and trash gets left on the ground. Plan a place to put your trash can so it’s out of the way, but accessible to everyone and you’ll spend less time picking up after your guests leave and more time celebrating the win!

If your pool will be open during the game, you’ll also want to prepare it for swimmers. Make sure your pool is clean and balanced and that all equipment is working properly. You’ll also want to make sure the TV is visible from the pool and that swimmers are supervised. It’s a great idea to also have towels poolside and sunscreen ready, especially if it’s an early game. Here are seven great pool safety tips to keep in mind for any pool party!

You may also want to add some other touches to your outdoor area. Depending on game day temperatures, you may need blankets, outdoor heaters or a fire pit to stay warm.

2. Select a memorable menu

While there might be various football tailgating specialties around the country, pick your favorites for your party! From brisket to wings, grilled meats are a must. You can also plan to have your guests bring side dishes or desserts to round out your meal. You’ll also need to plan for paper goods – plates, napkins, cups and maybe cutlery.

Don’t forget the beverages! Whether you need something to warm your insides or a tall, cold one to celebrate the win, it’s important to include both family- and football-friendly drinks at any game day celebration.

Here are a few of our favorite fall specialties.

3. Organize half-time activities

While half-time is enjoyable at the big game with performances, it’s often filled with your favorite sports analysts sharing their opinions of how the game is going on TV. While you might enjoy listening to their thoughts, it’s often the time I look for a snack or wish I could watch the performance on the field.

If you’re hosting a game day celebration, turn your yard into a half-time performance with lots of fun activities! Whether you want a quick flag-football scrimmage, to toss the pig skin or just play a game of corn hole, there are plenty of fun fall backyard games to play. You could even go for a swim, have the kids put on a synchronized swimming performance in the pool, or play some fun pool games!

On game day:

4. Set up the screens

To throw the ultimate game day party, channel your inner sports bar and have multiple TVs showing various games. And while some people may have an outdoor TV already set up, some people don’t and will need to bring their indoor TV outside.

Pro tip: Please be careful moving your TVs! There can be lots of cords and those are a tripping hazard. Additionally, please be careful where you put your TV, so there isn’t a chance that it could fall on someone or in your pool. We want everyone to be safe during game day!

You’ll also want to set up a sound system so the game can be heard clearly around your yard. If you have multiple TVs playing different games, pick one TV to host the sound and add closed captions to the others, or just watch the game and try to guess what the ref’s calls are.

5. Heat it up

From the food to your pool, it’s time to get the party started and heat it up!

Fire up your grill and get your tailgating on. Many tailgating specialties take hours to get cook and that’s what makes them so special. So get started! Don’t wait until your guests arrive to begin cooking – start now and you’ll be ready for them just before kick off!

You’ll also want to begin warming up your patio or game viewing area before guests arrive. Start a fire or turn on a patio heater if it’s really chilly.

Finally, depending on how crisp it is, you may want to begin heating your pool before your guests are scheduled to arrive so it will be perfect when they arrive. Either way, you’re likely to need to warm the water – even if it’s just a little! Need a pool heater? Pentair offers energy efficient heaters and heat pumps and has a sweet rebate on a pool heat pumps!

Now, it’s time to dive in, turn up the volume and cheer on your team!