Labor Day Weekend Doesn’t Mean Summer is Over!

Family enjoying their inground pool during fall months

For many years, it was simply accepted that you should never wear white after Labor Day because after Labor Day, summer was effectively over. Today, of course, those strict rules of fashion are mostly ignored. People wear the colors they want, when they want (as they should!).

What does wearing white after Labor Day have to do with your pool?! Well, not much, BUT the same standards apply; don’t let the old fashioned rule of thumb that “Labor Day is the end of summer” stop you from enjoying your pool.

That’s right, just because summer is technically “over” doesn’t mean your pool should go into hibernation. With Pentair products, you can easily enjoy your pool into the fall (and every day after school – we won’t tell the teachers!). Here are three tips on how to extend your summer:

1. Keep it Clean

Just because the calendar says summer is over doesn’t mean you can quit caring for your pool, especially if you plan to continue using it into the fall!

Continue with your regular summer maintenance routine – cleaning out leaves or other debris, regular brushing and vacuuming and maintaining proper water chemistry. A well-cared for swimming pool should be drawing attention and inviting swimmers well  into October!

2. Heat it Up

The air might be crisper around much of the country after Labor Day, but that doesn’t mean you can’t swim. It just means you may need to warm up the water just a touch.

Natural gas is the most widely used energy source for pool and spa heating. In natural gas heaters, a gas flame transfers heat to your pool’s water through a metal heat exchanger. This technology provides the fastest and most reliable heat in colder climates.

Learn more about the natural gas heaters offered by Pentair:

Heat pumps use electricity to circulate a refrigerant through the unit to extract free heat out of the air. They extract the heat using the thermodynamics of evaporating and re-compressing refrigerants. This process uses far less electricity than it would take to produce the same amount of heat with an electric heating element.

Learn more about the UltraTemp® High Performance Heat Pump. The UltraTemp Heat Pump currently has a $200 rebate through the end of 2018. More details about the rebate can be found here.

Depending on where you live and your water temperature goals, you may want to consider both a heat pump and gas-fired heater. As nights get longer and cooler, a heat pump alone might not be able to maintain desired temperatures. This is where a supplemental gas-fired heater can be used at night to keep the water comfortably warm.

Learn more about the UltraTemp ETi™ Hybrid Heater.

3. Change it Up

Here are a few ideas on how to change up how you’re using your pool and backyard to help you transition from summer to fall, because he way we see it, some of the most pleasant pool days are much later in the season.

Although school is back in session, vacations may have come to an end and we’re starting to see just a sprinkle of color coming back into leaves but that doesn’t mean there aren’t good times to be had in and around the pool. After all, just like USA Today wrote, “…summer’s a state of mind, and you don’t need a calendar to know when it’s over.”