Maintaining Energy Efficiency While Cleaning Your Pool

Mother teaching young child how to clean a pool with an automatic pool cleaner

Striving to remain energy efficient while owning a pool can be a daunting task, but it really isn’t as hard as it seems. By choosing the best equipment and appropriate schedules you can maintain your pool and maintain a green, energy efficient footprint.

While many people associate energy savings and energy efficiency only with pool pumps, any equipment on your pool pad, in your pool and for your pool can make a change in your energy footprint. In this article we’re going to focus on how selecting an energy efficient pool cleaner can help!

At Pentair we offer four types of pool cleaners – suction-side, pressure-side, robotic and aboveground – and many of these cleaners carry the EcoSelect™ designation. This designation is given to the “greenest” and most energy efficient products Pentair offers. These products are designed to help you save money, conserve water, eliminate or reduce noise or contribute to a more environmentally responsible equipment system.

Robotic Cleaners

Robotic cleaners are the most eco-friendly choice. With a self-contained filtration system, they don’t put any additional wear on your existing pool equipment. Just plug the cleaner's control unit into an outlet, submerge it and let the cleaner do the rest!

Suction-Side Cleaners

Suction-side cleaners work just like a vacuum cleaner. They attach to the suction line of your pool's plumbing system. Suction power pulls debris from the floor and walls. The debris passes through to your skimmer and pool filtration system.

Pressure-Side Cleaners

Pressure-side cleaners use water pressure from a dedicated booster pump and/or pool pump to drive the cleaner around your pool. During the cleaning process, it uses pressure to force debris into a filter bag, which makes them easy to collect and discard.

Aboveground Cleaners

Pentair offers both suction-side and robotic aboveground pool cleaners. While they work just like in-ground pool cleaners, they are specifically designed to meet the demands of aboveground pools.

Regardless of  your needs, Pentair has many energy efficient pool cleaning options. To find the energy efficient cleaner that is right for your pool, talk to your local pool dealer. You can find a dealer in your area that offers Pentair products here.

You can also clean up significant savings on select pool cleaners this summer because Pentair is offering $50-$150 rebates*! Not only can you help save the environment with an energy efficient pool cleaner but you can also save some cash with a cool rebate. To learn more browse the qualifying cleaners, sign up for more rebate related information, or find a dealer near you. If you've already purchased, go ahead and redeem your rebate today!




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