New Year; New Pool Parties – Part 2

Pool Party During the Day

Now that you know how to celebrate anything poolside, how do you take your pool and your parties up a notch in 2019? Here are three tips:

Make a Splash

If you don’t already have a fountain, waterfall, or other water feature, what are you waiting for? You can choose any size from small to grandiose, and make a real statement. Many have lighting options that can add just the right amount of drama for any type of pool party. 

Then keep with that theme, having a chocolate fountain with berries, pretzels, bananas or other assorted treats for dipping or a champagne fountain are the perfect party treats for themed pool party.

Don’t forget to offer other types of food and drink options. Depending on your theme, you can do a DIY snack buffet or you can order supplies for an extravagant candy buffet. Many companies offer these by individual color (like red or silver) and in rainbow/multi-color options. Regardless of what you’re serving to drink, make sure to stay hydrated and have plenty of water on hand!

Make a Glorious Noise

No celebration is the same without music—lots and lots of music. This is the perfect opportunity to upgrade your outdoor area with outdoor speakers! From floating speakers to hidden outdoor speakers around the perimeter of your party space, there are options for any need and budget.

Creating the perfect playlist for your party is always part of the fun of hosting! With all the music you can choose from, the sky’s the limit here. You can curate your own playlist based on your party theme, find a “professionally” curated playlist on any number of streaming services or ask your guests to share their favorite songs and make it a party activity! Any way you look at it, you’re certain to have a great time.

Make it Festive

Party décor extends beyond party plates and napkins! Take this opportunity to update your poolside décor – new towels, new cushions and a fresh coat of paint are an excellent way to make your poolside décor festive and stay on budget. By making updates early in the year you’ll be ready to party any time!

You’re also going to want to decorate for the theme of whatever party you’re hosting! Themed napkins, plates, cups and table cloths are an easy way to go. However it can be fun to think outside the box. Decorate the whole poolside area – use lights, banners and signs, special seating, etc. You can also put out things like towels, baskets, planters, blankets and/or pillows that match the color palate for your party to add to the décor.