Pentair Honored by NC Department of Labor

The Carolina Star award was presented to Pentair – Sanford Facility by North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry

On April 12, 2018, Pentair – Sanford Facility, was named a Carolina Star site during a special awards ceremony for employees.

The Carolina Star Program is designed to recognize employers and employees who implement effective safety and health management systems and meet specific injury and illness rate criteria. Carolina Star Program participants are proactive about safety and partner with the North Carolina Department of Labor’s Occupational Safety and Health Division with a focus on preventing fatalities, injuries and illness through:

  • Management commitment and leadership
  • Employee involvement
  • Hazard identification and evaluation
  • Hazard prevention and control
  • Safety and health training (NC DOL)

Approximately eight years ago, local Pentair leadership began the process to become as safer manufacturing facility. Over the last few years, hundreds of people have been involved in helping the Sanford Facility become a safer workplace. Because of their efforts, Pentair – Sanford Facility, has an employee-led safety program and is now a Carolina Star site.

“Pentair is highly committed to safety,” said Lance Hardin, Director of Operations, Pentair – Sanford Facility. “We are fortunate to be a part of a company and a team that has this level of commitment to safety.”

Pentair – Sanford Facility is one of three Carolina Star sites in Lee County and one of 98 Carolina Star sites across North Carolina. (NC DOL)

“This new partnership with the North Carolina Department of Labor and O.S.H.A., along with other Carolina Star partners across the state, will continue to propel Pentair forward and will help our facilities improve employee safety,” said Hardin.

The Carolina Star award was presented to Pentair – Sanford Facility by North Carolina Labor Commissioner Cherie Berry.

Berry was sworn in as North Carolina’s first female labor commissioner on Jan. 6, 2001, after serving eight years in the N.C. House of Representatives. She is now serving in her fifth four-year term as North Carolina Labor Commissioner. (NC DOL) It is her goal to make North Carolina the safest state in the country.

“It is our responsibility, your responsibility, to make sure that those folks get to have their loved ones come home safe and healthy every single day,” Berry said. “And you’re doing a great job of that.”

During her remarks, Berry noted the efforts Pentair – Sanford Facility, has taken to become a Carolina Star site.

“It takes a lot of hard work and effort and a lot of passion to be able to become Carolina Star member. You live it [safety] every single minute of every single day.”

Berry also shared comments on why safety is so important to the North Carolina Department of Labor.

“You know, to me, the most important words you can ever say to your family,” Berry said. “I know, people say it’s ‘I love you’. Well, that’s important; but you can feel it when people love you. You know when people love you. The most important words you can say – three simple, little words: ‘Honey, I’m home.’ And that means you got home safely from work that day. And that’s what we’re all about. Making sure everybody is safe and healthy.”

The North Carolina Department of Labor is charged by statute with promoting the “health, safety and general well-being” of more than 4 million workers across the state. Because of the laws and programs it administers, every worker and virtually every person in North Carolina is affected by the Department of Labor. (NC DOL)

“The Carolina Star award belongs to each of you,” Berry said as she presented the award. “No one person did it. Welcome to the North Carolina Department of Labor Carolina Star family!”

In addition to the Carolina Star award, two Pentair – Sanford Facility, employees were recognized for their safety efforts and received awards by Megan Garner, EHS Supervisor, Pentair – Sanford Facility.

The 2017 Safety Star Award was presented to Tonya Varner for showing her dedication to safety each day. Varner works in Materials Operation at the Sanford Facility and was a part of the team which helped Pentair – Sanford Facility, achieve the Carolina Star recognition.

The Safety All-Star Award was presented to Phyllis Morgan for her passion and dedication to safety at the Sanford Facility. Morgan is the facility’s occupational nurse and works tirelessly to maintain the safety of all employees.

Garner ended her remarks with the slogan for Pentair – Sanford Facility, “Do your part to be safety smart!”


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