The Perfect Poolside Mocha

The Perfect Poolside Mocha | Poolfyi.com

There are lots of signs of fall: a nip in the air, beautiful foliage, closing the pool, sweaters and college football to name a few. It’s also the perfect time of year for warm beverages. Just because pool season has come to an end doesn’t mean you can’t sit by your pool and enjoy your yard. Here in North Carolina, the weather is perfect for sipping a warm beverage on the front porch in the morning or by the poolside fire pit at night. On Saturday mornings, I can be found outside with a mocha and an iPad, just soaking up the beautiful weather.

Here is my mocha recipe:  

  • Brew 16 ounces of your favorite flavored coffee.
  • Add 1 Tablespoon of chocolate syrup and stir.
  • Add a dash of creamer and stir.
  • Add a shot of flavored syrup if desired.
  • Top with a generous amount of whipped cream and drizzle chocolate or caramel syrup.

So, there you have it: the perfect fall mocha to sip by the pool as you dream of next pool season. If you are lucky enough to live in a year-round pool climate, combine the above recipe with ice for a chilly treat. See you poolside!