Pool Insider: Tricks and Treats to Keep Your Pool in Great Shape and Prepare it for Wintertime

Preparing Your Pool for Closing This Fall

Fall is upon us, so it’s time to think about closing your pool for the winter. Both inground and above-ground pools are affected by cold weather. Pumps, filters, heaters and other pieces of equipment can freeze, which will cause them malfunction or simply cease to operate when exposed to extremely cold conditions.

Simply closing down the pool is not enough. You will have to take special precautions to make sure your pool does not suffer any damages over winter. Here is how to prepare now to close your pool:

Get the chemical levels right

Make sure your pool’s pH, alkalinity and other chemical levels are properly calibrated. Keep in mind that the requirements during winter can be different than those during summer, so look at your pool’s readings and size to make the right adjustments. If you have questions on what your water levels should be, call your pool professional.

Keep your pool clean

Your pool should be kept clean to prevent algae growth or debris accumulation, no matter what month it is. As a plus, if you clean your pool in the winter, you will have less spring cleaning to do!

Remove water from pipes and other sensitive equipment

Keep water out of your pump and filtering system by draining your pool below the mouth of the skimmer inlet, but do NOT drain your pool all the way! Check your filter, pump and heater to make sure there is no excess water in them; you don’t want their pipes to burst in the cold.

Cover it

Covering your pool in the winter is a best practice. This will protect the lining of your pool during icy, snowy conditions. Make sure your cover is well secured so it doesn’t blow off during winter storms and so it will keep winter debris out.

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